Mauritius: LUX* Le Morne

It has taken me almost a year to write this post. Although I shared my view regarding mother-daughter trips on the local blog entitled Flagstaff Mom Collective (click here to read the post if you wish), I never wrote about my trip with my daughter in detail on my blog. I have no excuse apart from procrastination. Anyways, here I am ready to share my mommy-daughter vacation in one of the most idyllic places in the world. My daughter (4 years old when we took this trip) and I spent a week in an elegant 5-star beach resort called LUX* Le Morne in Mauritius.

Where is Mauritius?

Time to spin your globe or pull out your world map. Mauritius is a small tropical island located in the Indian Ocean. The island is located off the eastern coast of Africa. More precisely, it lies on the east cost of Madagascar. The island is often represented as a tiny dot on the world map.

Why LUX* Le Morne

It is important to point out that I stayed in Mauritius in winter (July 2019). Mauritius has two seasons: a warm humid summer extending from November to April/May and a relatively cool dry winter from June to September/October. Although the weather is good all year long, it is still important to stay in specific regions depending on the time of the year you are visiting. I decided to stay at LUX* Le Morne due to its ideal location during the time I was in Mauritius. In winter, it is better to stay on the South Coast or East Coast of the island to avoid strong winds and low seawater temperatures elsewhere. LUX* Le Morne is located on the South-West coast of the island at the foothill of Le Morne Mountain, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The resort is very unique because on one side you have the view of the mountain and on the other, you have a gorgeous view of the ocean. The atmosphere of the resort is very romantic. It is a well-known destination for honeymooners and couples.

10 Simple Things We Enjoyed

My daughter and I stayed in the Ocean Junior Suite located right by the beach and gorgeous manicured garden. The patio of our suite was the perfect place to enjoy the sunset. So, you might wonder, what did I do with a 4-year-old in a hotel mostly dedicated to honeymooners and couples? I will try to give you a quick summary of our stay and all the simple things we enjoyed during our stay.

  1. My daughter and I spent most of our time exploring the resort; we went on long walks each day. Yes, we actually held hands and took long walks on the beach. Children are fascinated by everything and often very curious about their environment. All the exotic plants and flowers captured my daughter’s attention; she spent hours playing in the exotic garden in front of our suite while I kept an eye on her and sipped many cups of Mauritian tea. Fallen coconuts were a big hit with my daughter. She collected as many as her hands could hold and saved them on our patio.
  2. My daughter was delighted to discover many birds, lizards, and insects. She noticed huge snails after a rainfall and I assure you this discovery provided at least an hour of entertainment.
  3. It goes without saying that we spent hours frolicking in the ocean and playing on the beach. I worship the sun and nothing makes me happier than spending time basking in the sun on the beach (with proper sun protection of course).
  4. We both went horseback riding on the beach and it was a fantastic experience.
  5. The resort offered mommy-daughter spa packages. Yes, even children are able to get facials and massages. We shared a room and while I got a lymphatic drainage massage (I know it doesn’t sound glamorous but water retention is a real thing after long flights), my daughter got a facial and a full body massage. To this day we still talk about how pampered we were.
  6. My daughter spent a few hours at the kids club where the staff went above and beyond to make her stay special because she was the only child there. Later on during the week, a few other children arrived and my daughter made some friends.
  7. While my daughter spent some time playing at the kids club, I went to the gym, which was always empty. Who doesn’t love walking into an empty gym?
  8. At sunset, a staff would set up a fire to roast marshmallows. This is something we did a few times and really enjoyed. It was both our first time roasting marshmallows.
  9. We started each morning with the most delicious breakfast overlooking the ocean.
  10. We ended each day with a candle light dinner before retiring to our room to clean up and watch a movie. 

Final Thoughts

My daughter and I had a fantastic experience at LUX* Le Morne. Although my daughter might eventually forget our trip together, after all she was only 4 years old, I can’t expect her to remember everything about our time in Mauritius. What I do know, is that our bond is stronger and I will always cherish our time in this idyllic location. If you want to read more about my 1st mommy-daughter trip, visit Flagstaff Mom Collective for my blog post entitled: It is Time to Make Mother-Daughter Trips a Tradition.