Discovering Venice: The City of Bridges

Venice is known for romantic gondola rides, beautiful cobblestone streets and over 400 fascinating bridges with majestic landmarks along the waterways. Venice was always on my bucket list but I was very skeptical to book our flight to Venice because I wasn’t sure if my daughter would tolerate the long flight or do well with the time difference from the United States.  Not to mention, if once we got there, would there be enough activities for families with young kids? This blog post will break down our family adventure in one of the most romantic cities in Europe and hopefully inspire you to visit it too.

Venice View

The Best Way to Get to Venice

When I was doing my research on how to get from Venice Marco Polo Airport to our hotel, I quickly realized that Venice is like no other city in the world because it is strictly pedestrian with water taxis used as the primary mode of transportation. These water taxis are sleek wooden boats that navigate the waterways of Venice and are able to drop you off right in front of your hotel. We were able to sit back, relax after our flight and enjoy the gorgeous view of the Venetian lagoon and small canals. It was such a unique and memorable experience.

Child in Venice

Venice Canal

Gondola Venice View

Venice View

Hotel L’Orologio in Venice

We stayed in Venice for 5 days at the Hotel L’Orologio in one of their luxurious apartments overlooking the Grand Canal and immediately felt at home. We had our own entrance adjacent to the hotel and everything in the apartment was top notch. In addition to the gorgeous bedroom, the large kitchen, and living room, we had our own private laundry area which was so convenient. The apartment was only a short walk away from all the main landmarks.

Hotel L'Orologio

Venice View

Three Landmarks in Venice

Venice is rich with spectacular landmarks and we were able to visit and learn about the history of the city during out short stay. Below you will find three of the main  landmarks.

1. St. Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco)

The square is one of the most popular tourist attractions and to my daughter’s delight it is also home to hundreds of pigeons. She had a blast chasing them (sorry pigeons) while my husband and I soaked in the atmosphere and monuments around.

Child Pigeon Venice

Child Pigeon Venice

2. St. Mark’s Basilica (Basilica San Marco)

This is without a doubt the city’s number one sight. You can clearly see why many people gather to admire this masterpiece.

Family St. Mark's Basilica

3. Rialto Bridge (Ponte di Rialto)

The bridge is the oldest one that crosses over the Grand Canal in the heart of Venice.

Rialto Bridge

There is obviously much more to see in Venice but hopefully this short compilation of the main 3 landmarks gives you an idea of what to expect. A trip to Venice can’t be complete without a gondola ride.

Gondola Ride

The Gondola is the traditional Venetian boat. The city was meant to be seen by water thus, we had scheduled a private ride even before we arrived in Venice. The gondola ride was incredible. The gondolier took us far away from the crowd where we could explore tiny little canals that cross this ancient city. My daughter was fascinated by the gondola and remained entertained for the entire 40 minute ride.

Gondola Ride Family

Couple Gondola Ride

Final Thoughts

Venice does not disappoint, the city is incredibly beautiful and full of life. It has so much to offer and I would visit again in a heartbeat because there is always something new to discover and experience.

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