Chania: Under the Cretan Sun

Chania is located on Crete’s north coast, the city overlook the Aegean Sea alongside a mountain backdrop. This beautiful port of call gave us the opportunity to enjoy a day at the beach. Once ashore, we made our way to a waterfront village called Agioi Apostoloi. The village is located a few miles from Chania, and offers three public beaches each one situated in its own small cove. We learnt that this area is popular amongst the locals because it is not affected by the strong winds that disturb other areas of the island in the summer. It is the perfect place to spend some family time, relaxing under the Cretan sun, swimming in the shallow water, and building gigantic sandcastles.

mother daughter Agioi Apostoloi

mother daughter Agioi Apostoloi

father daughter Agioi Apostoloi

child Agioi Apostoloi

Women Agioi Apostoloi

My goal is that this post gave you an idea of what we enjoy doing as a family, and how we spent a few hours at the beach in Greece.

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